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Plymouth Hope FC is a not-for profit voluntary organisation run by a team of enthusiastic volunteers who all share a love of football and believe in social equality. We recognise the social and health benefits of football, and work hard to make sure that as many people as possible within Plymouth have access to play the beautiful game.
Our club is made up of players from a variety of ethnic and social backgrounds, and from a host of countries from across the world. Our diverse mix means that we play with a unique style and flair, like no other! We come from places such as: Afganistan, Guinea, Iran, Somalia, Zimbabwe, China, Sudan, Mexico, Uzbekistan and of course England…to name but a few. Some of us have come to Plymouth through difficult circumstances, and some us of us have simply grown up and lived here all our life. To us, your background simply doesn’t matter. We all have a right to be in Plymouth and we all have the opportunity to play for a great football club.
The majority of players have very limited access to funds or earning opportunities due to their status in the UK, therefore the aim of the club is to provide most activities free of charge or at low cost. For those who can and/or are earning a wage, we ask them to contribute to the on-going and extensive costs of running the football club.

If you haven’t already, please come and get to know us. Whether that be, by browsing through our website, coming along to one of our training sessions, or coming to meet us in Plymouth. We are a friendly and welcoming bunch and would like to meet you.
Meet the Club Committee:

Name: David Feindouno
Position: Club Secretary / Founder
Comment: Welcome to the Plymouth Hope FC! We are very happy to have visitors to the site. When you are a newcomer to a community, it can often be difficult to find a friendly and welcoming place to meet people. Like many others, I experienced this myself when I arrived in Plymouth. The hope is to become settled and play a key role in your new community. This is the inspiration behind what PHFC stands for. As our club philosophy states, overall we believe strongly in building a stronger Community. Those guiding principle are everything we do as a club from the Committee members, volunteers, player’s representatives, coaches, partner organisations. While football is the driving force behind our activities our mission statement and philosophy are paramount to the on-field performance or just kicking a ball! The hope to achieve all this for our community is a lasting motivation for everyone in the Plymouth Hope FC. As the Founder, I have strived to make the Plymouth Hope something everyone can take pride in, take part in its growth and feel a sense of community and camaraderie. After all, football is a great opportunity for people to come together and socialise. With the help of many, PHFC is and can become a stronger major player in overcoming the wider issues that face our communities in Plymouth.

Name: Liza Barry
Comment: Coming soon

Name: Kandas Dougouno
Position:Club secretary
Comment: Coming soon

Name: Coralie Becker
Comment: Coming soon

Name: Clarisse Chicot
Position:Club Welfare Officer
Comment: Coming soon

Name: Kawa Mustapha
Comment: Coming soon

Name: Jasim Wale
Comment: Coming soon

Name: Said Soumahoro
Comment: Coming soon

Name: James Starkey
Comment: Coming soon

Previous Volunteers/Trustees:

Name: Jack Mattock
Position:Marketing & Communication Officer 2011-2012

Name: Tendai Madume
Position:Head Coach 2011-2013

Name: Recardo McDowell
Position:Treasurer / FA Charter Standard Coordinator (2009 to 2011)- Honorary trustee ( From 2012)
Comment: Plymouth Hope FC is a great means of meeting people from different backgrounds, which helps to foster understanding and acceptance. We have some strong links with local agencies that promote volunteering and support for people who have difficulty in accessing local services. Being part of this club and watching the team grow has been a real pleasure and I encourage anyone who is interested in football and enjoys meeting new people to come and join us!
Name: Will Turner
Position: Website Coordinator (2009) & Trustee since 2012
Comment: For me football is a brilliant way to meet people and have some fun. It breaks down social barriers and can be a real positive influence in life (excercise, social, commitment, discipline, etc). PHFC aims to achieve these things for its members and offer many more opportunities (volunteering, FA training courses, advice&support, etc). We look to use the common interest and love of football as a tool for postively engaging with the wider community of Plymouth. The club plays a vital role in trying to create a better integrated community in the city.
Name: David Johns
Position: Activities Coordinator / Coach(2010/2011)
Comment: What makes PHFC unique is not just that it provides footballing opportunities for newcomers to the city, but also the emphasis it places on volunteering both with the team and other organisations. I've loved getting to know all the players, and also seeing new faces each week, which means the community is constantly evolving. As a volunteer, PHFC has been able to fund my FA Level 1 coaching qualification, and I've been able to put my events management skills to good use through my position on the committee. As the club has a good balance of local lads and asylum seekers, we're not only playing football, but finding out about each-others' cultures as well - and we certainly welcome all newcomers to the family!

Name: Sophie Joyce
Position: Treasurer (2009-2011)